Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Systems of Knowledge Project Portfolio

Page 2 of the MATSEC SOK Project Booklet describes in detail the requirements of the SOK Project Portfolio:
  • The SOK Project Portfolio should reflect the knowledge, attitudes, values and skills as identified in the Syllabus.
  • The SOK Project Portfolio has to illustrate the relationship of Science and Technology with one or more of the following modules; i.e. Experiencing Responsible Citizenship, Experiencing Aesthetics or Responsibility towards the Environment.
  • The SOK Project Portfolio should include the following four components:
  • The project. This may take the form of an artefact or an activity (please consult previous post). The process of the project has to be corroborated by evidence such as photographs, designs, articles, documents, interviews, models or any other form of evidence depending on the nature of the project;
  • The Journal. It must include "an entry for each activity", which must be developed in an analytic, descriptive and reflective manner;
  • The Project Booklet. It must include:
  • Part I: student profile form (in triplicate)
  • Part II: introductory meeting and action plan sheets
  • Part III: review meeting sheet
  • Part IV: final meeting sheet
  • Part V: assessment sheet
  • The essay (around 1000 words). The candidate must bring "together, in a refective manner, the experience he/she has been through". Concurrently, candidates must "demonstrate that they have a comprehensive understanding of the themes as identified in each module."
  • Students can present their work in either Maltese or English, according to their preference. In either case, grammatical accuracy and language fluency are expected.
  • Students working on the SOK Project Portfolio should have at least three meetings with an assigned tutor from their School, Centre or College who supervises the compilation of the Project Portfolio and the progress being registered by the student.
  • A record of three of these meetings should be kept in the project booklet. During the first recorded meeting, which should take place during the 1st Year, the student discusses his/her intentions and ideas with the tutor and sets out a plan of action. The second meeting is of a review nature to check progress and iron out diffifulties. It is advisable that this meeting takes place at the very beginning of the 2nd Year. The final meeting in which the student presents his/her finished Project should take place before the end of February of the 2nd Year.

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